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Maxton Shipping & Energy Ltd. provides comprehensive coal trading services including quality coal supply, authentic product test reports, transportation, monitoring and consultancy support.

Coal Supply and

Maxton Shipping & Energy Ltd. offers comprehensive coal trading services. We provide authentic product test reports & best-quality coal from trusted miners at a very reasonable price. Our services include efficient transportation and monitoring of coal shipments. We also offer any kind of coal consultancy support for our clients.

Quality Coal Supply from Miner

Maxton provides best quality coal directly from the miner. It helps you to get a quality coal with a very reasonable price.

Quality Coal Supply from Miner - Maxton
Product Test Report - Maxton

Authentic Product Test Report

Maxton not only connects you with the trusted miner but also provides an authentic product test report to ensure quality. We don’t believe in one-time business. We believe in long-time business with trust & respect.

Transportation and Monitoring

We ensure the safe transportation of coal from the miner to ship loading. Also, we give you dynamic freight tracking throughout the process.

Coal Consultancy - Maxton

Coal Consultancy Support

We have a dedicated 24/7 customer support center. Our Indonesia team strongly monitors from coal mining to ship loading & also ensure below:
1) Product Quality
2) Standard transportation
3) Lead time management
4) 24/7 followup

Maxton BGD team followup all activities from the loading port to the destination port & update customer regularly.

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